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  1. The presentation can be made in Turkish or English.

  2. Each paper is given a maximum of 12 minutes, including 10 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questions and answers. No additional time will be given.

  3. Each participant must be in the Zoom system at the session and prepare their presentations.

  4. Presentations should include information expressing the essence of the study, rather than general expressions known by everyone.

  5. Your presentation should contain no more than 15 slides.

  6. The author can use the presentation format he/her wants.

  7. The author is responsible for the proper operation of the software and hardware (Camera, microphone, presentation file etc.) for the Zoom system.

  8. If the papers are not presented, the certificate of participation will not be given to the authors and the articles will not be included in the proceedings.

  9. The fee will not be refunded for the papers that are not presented.

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